Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Time is Fleeting

Time is flying by and I feel I scarcely have time for blogging or keeping caught up on my blog reading. Summer is happening.

Aren't these radishes pretty?! They are the best of what came out of the garden (as far as radishes go). Next time I'm going to stick with regular red radishes, and hope that they won't be as spicy as these varieties.

This week is very busy, getting ready for our vacation and everything else going on around here. Poor Michael had to cancel going out to the wedding he was to be in! He's been very sick with this virus and is still not over it. The doctor has promised him improvement soon, so we hope he is right!

Cherries are on sale for 97 cents a pound this week (Marsh) so I bought a bunch to freeze. It was fun to look at the receipt and read that I'd saved $109 on cherries. :) What a gimick! I also bought a cherry pitter, since I've put it off for 3 years. Let me tell you, they are worth the money!!!

I've got a sewing project I must tackle tonight -- a surprise for the kids for the vacation. Michael needs a haircut as well and tonight is the only night. I think I'll be busy for a few hours.

Oh, good news in the eye department. I don't need bifocals. It appears that my astigmatism has gotten considerably worse. A new prescription should fix the problem and clear up the headaches!! I hope the doctor is right.

Well, I better get started on the bedtime routine for the kids.


Ruth MacC said...

Really glad about the glasses:0)

Margaret said...

Those radishes look really delicious.