Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Fourth of July

We managed to have a fun Fourth of July, despite the cool weather and rain. I think it's a tradition now to watch the Sheridan parade:

This was an elaborate float:

And a very cute red fire engine:

This is for Lovella especially:

This one too:
The parade ends with the tractor parade:

It's fun to watch tractors of all shapes and sizes and colors roll by:

The best part is catching all the candy that is thrown:

After the parade we headed to the local park for a picnic under the trees. The children played on the playground for awhile and then we went home for naps.
Christina hosted an indoor BBQ at her house in the evening.
Bethany and Rusty (soon to be married) put together the trifle:
We had strawberry pie, raspberry pie, blueberry pie and sugar cream pie, along with trifle:

The children enjoyed it all!

And before we headed home there were sparklers in the garage (out of the rain). Maybe next year it will be warmer and sunnier. But, we all still have some good memories!


Alaina said...

What fun! We enjoyed the Brownsburg parade despite the overcast and sprinkly morning! :)

Ruth MacC said...

All that beautiful food! Your children are really beautiful too:0) Well done for always making the most of everything.