Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Birthday Celebrations

This past weekend has been full of birthday celebrations, beginning with Friday night dinner out with Michael and a walk through the Harrison Center as part of their "First Friday" open houses.

Saturday morning found me blissfully occupied at Goodwill, searching for good finds during their 50% sale.

At lunchtime I met up with my two sisters and mom for lunch at The Sanctuary to celebrate Emily's birthday, as well as mine.

We had so much fun! This is why I'm so excited that Rachel is going to have a sister!

The food was delicious -- mom ordered quiche with salad:

Christina had a Caprese salad with roasted potato wedges on the side:

I had a New Orleans sandwich with Cauliflower soup (yum!):

Here we are all together:

The atmosphere at the Sanctuary is beautiful as well as cozy and it was very festive as well:

The chocolates and chocolate desserts on display were incredible. We couldn't resist splitting one between us:

And here is my unloaded "mess" from Goodwill. I found some great shirts and a sweater for Michael, a few maternity items, quite a few sweaters to felt, a stack of clothes for Andrew, baskets for gift-giving, random silver pieces, and some cute shoes too. I called it a success!

Sunday the family was over to say goodbye to our friend Suse who is moving back to North Carolina. We had a taco feast!

And then there were presents all around.

Yesterday, my actual birthday, I was surprised to find snow on the ground when I woke up! That was always a childhood wish and I find it special when is snows on my very birthday. The kids and I wanted to go to the Children's Museum, but it was closed, so we headed to the downtown library instead (where I could read all the cooking magazines and the kids could play). I picked up a new lens for my camera (better for food) and then we headed home for some organizing/sewing and dinner, followed by Ben & Jerry's Cherry Garcia!!!!! And now onto the holidays......


willow said...

Happy Birthday, Heather. Enjoy the snow, we seem to be having almost constant rain.
What lens have you bought? I would quite like to get a macro lens to take close up of flowers and I wondered if that was what you chose?

Monica said...

What a great time of celebration!! I was pondering Goodwill on Saturday until I drove by and saw the mass of people there. You are brave.

Heather said...

We awakened to snow too - but it quickly melted! The kids did enjoy pelting the house with snowballs before getting busy with school though! I'm glad the snow made your birthday special! You made out like a bandit at Goodwill - amazing! Happy belated birthday - and again - congratulations on the wee little blessing - another precious girl!!!

The syders said...

Belated Birthday Wishes Heather! Wish we had snow here in London...we live in hope, lol!

Ruth MacC said...

Happy Birthday friend! It looks like you bought half the shop! Your family are a very handsome bunch and I have to say I realy like your jacket and scarf.
Can't believe it's this time of the year again and as I said before, although I don't celebrate christmas, I love looking at how others do it. Looking forwards to seeing your home decorated etc! God bless.