Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Thoughts, Ideas, Goings On

I've finally finished with all the gift, stocking, food shopping and can hopefully stay home for the rest of the week! I'll need to because the laundry, house-cleaning, baking, cooking, present-wrapping and some present-making still has yet to be done! :)

Michael took the children to the Children's Museum -- two this week and two last week. It's always fun for them around Christmas-time.

Had a lovely phonecall from Scotland this morning. It's always nice to hear from dear people far away.

Enjoying memories of Christmas' past: Christmas Eve service in snow-laden Vermont with candlelight; "making Christmas" in tropical Africa; quiet Christmas' in Scotland, my Grandmother's Forgotten Cookies.

Cookie baking has been going on here for about a month. I haven't baked this many in quite a few years. And there are still 15 dozen or so to turn out before tomorrow! Sometimes this holiday "fun" becomes a bit more of a chore.

Many people I know are in difficult circumstances this Christmas: ill health, struggles with cancer, relationships, finances, emergencies. I've been pondering the balance between the burden I feel for them and the responsibility to enjoy the lovely things God does bring into one's life. I think part of the balance is using that burden to pray for our friends as these situations come to mind, to think about practical ways to help, to remember God is in control and then to show our trust in Him by then enjoying the beauty, pleasure, and joys of the season as appropriate.

You know, cooking at the Children's Museum involves so much less mess than at home!

I was up at the Knitting Shop yesterday and guess what I saw? This GREAT idea for using felted sweaters. Anne came up with this and you can see more examples on her blog (scroll down to the end of the post).

I've been enjoying my break from sewing felted flowers. Check out this cute mouse I sewed last week!!! He's off to a new home, but it was definately tempting to keep him!

All right, it's now time to take myself off to the sewing closet and make some progress on the last gift before hitting the kitchen, the cookies, and the MESS!


jennie said...

Kids looked as if they had a great time!
I felt the same when I was in the midst of baking and other hustling about...what a chore. Now that I am done I think I quite enjoyed it. Have a Merry Christmas!

A Little Bunny said...

thank you for your sweet package! i love the bird, eliot was enamored - he wont let me keep it on the tree. i have been trying to manage the feeling of being pulled in too many directions this year. it has been a challenge to stay foccused on what christmas is really about and not succumb to the craziness and expectations. with all of the people in need right now i have been feeling a loud calling to do something but i cant quite figure out what yet...

Lovella ♥ said...

Shouldn't you be resting? You are so busy. I hope you enjoy today. .and tomorrow with your family and friends. I understand the need for thinking about balance. It's a hard one isn't it?d
Merry Christmas Heather!
my word verification is doubusi (dou in German is you . .are busi)

Anne said...

Hi Heather! Merry Christmas! Mom and I have been crafty and making some of Betz White's cupcake pin cushions. I am also getting wine "sleeves" ready for the next holiday season. (It is helping me clean out my sewing room.) So super to have met you at the shop!