Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Truth of the Matter

The truth of the matter is, I went to the mall with my mom and sister on Tuesday. What a treat! We had a blast and the morning was full of laughter! So, we found a "fake bump" in the dressing room, and I had to try it on. It made us laugh so hard I think the attendant wondered what the matter was. But, this is what I really look like:

I realize now that it was a little hard to "get the joke" for all my blog friends at afar. You all were so kind, and I hope you don't mind my little prank.

Well, ideally I would love to enter the new year with a clean and organized house (like I used to be able to do in Scotland). But, the truth of that matter is, the Christmas decorations are still up, the kids' rooms are a WRECK despite them cleaning them EVERY morning! A huge pile of receipts are scattered all over the floor and my desk as I'm in the middle of finances and budgeting, and the kitchen floor is covered in last night's dinner. But, one closet is extremely organized and my craft room is almost there too! Oh well, I have kids -- kids that are big enough and playful enough to make a huge mess and not clean it up very well. And, I figure I have the rest of the week to try to catch up a bit. :)

I hope you all have a lovely New Year's Eve! We are off to a hat party and the kids have made hats -- wait until you see them!!!!


A Little Bunny said...

i totally fell for it. :)

Lovella ♥ said...

Ah . ..but you won't trick me twice. I'm kind of sorry the big bump wasn't real. I thought it was so cute on you.
You look like you carry a child for another 5 or 6 months. . but I'm glad you won't. I can't wait to see the pink little bundle.

Rachel said...

Happy New Year to you all!
(It's Jan 1 here down under already).
I laughed and laughed at your joke! I was completely taken in! Would have been a good one for April 1! :o)
You look amazing - pregnancy suits you.

rubia said...

lol. I wondered how you could make it another 17 weeks without adding a second baby to that bump. :) Now I know.
-Laura P. from 2RP

Ruth MacC said...

I fell for it too! And like I said, you looked sooo good lol!