Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Check Box #2 & #3

On the list to be finished were spring purses for my mom and myself. Mom's purse is her old purse, but the handles were wearing thin. She liked their style, and so I came up with this solution to keep the old: a new felted band along the top, encompassing the hold handles. It turned out quite well, and mom chose the bright pink flower for a decoration.

This is my new spring purse. I just realized that the flower I couldn't part with, and which I designed the whole decoration around, never made it on the purse -- somehow a smaller, pinker flower got in the center. So, there is still a corner of the check box to fill in when I rip of the wrong flower and put the right one in its place.

I like the basket design of the purse and the lovely cables that still show from the original sweater.

I couldn't resist including a picture of the daffodils that are sitting on our table right now. No, they're not from our garden, but they really do brighten up the room and remind us that spring is just around the corner.

Right now I'm working on a few "check box diversions" which I'll show you soon. In the mean time there are quiet times to be had, chores to do, and a plan to make for the next few days. Michael is away on church business and we'll be on our own.


Anne said...

I LOVE your new spring purse!

Anne said...

I worked on Saturday for a couple hours and saw the little Easter baskets you brought in. I bought one immediately for my goddaughter. Too cute. I plan to blog about them soon and put it on the VYS Facebook page.

A Little Bunny said...

great bag! did you use recycled handles or did you buy them? i like the mix of hardware and felted bags - brings them to a new level. i finished the rug! woohoo. of course i went out and bought 4 more sweaters to cut up for a new one : )