Friday, March 19, 2010

Finding Inspiration

I must be a visual person. I love looking at beautiful things and beautiful things inspire me to make more beautiful things. :)

Recently I cleaned off the top of a dresser in my closet, took the framed art off the walls and redecorated with things that currently are inspiring to me.

My craft room is definately a much happier place to be now!

Although, my display is gradually dwindling as I'm knitting a spring sweater with the turquoise yarn and baby socks with the skein of Spud and Chloe pink.
It's sunny out today and we are off on a walk, those of us that can make it. Poor Rachel is still quite under the weather with fever and a terrible sore throat. It's a long-lasting bug. UGH!


Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

I stuck about ten or eleven rolled fat squares of quilting fabric in a basket a couple years ago, after purchasing them on vacation in Amish Country.

I loved the way they looked so much, they are still in the basket and on the vanity in my bathroom. :)

A Little Bunny said...

ahh so nice...i have been working on my computer desk area and my craft corner bit by bit. i think, despite distance, our kids have the same thing. this cold/fever/sore throat has been lingering for SO long! the up and down weather cant help. but spring is around the corner.

Ruth MacC said...

Hi Heather, love the colours in the photo and am sorry the child is unwell...

Glad you are getting out and about for walks. Isn't it great to look forwards to the Spring?

Heather said...

Very pretty - and inspiring! I love all of the color and just the joy of a little eye candy! I do hope your sweet Rachel girl is on the mend - does she have strep throat? I went through 6 winters in a row with strep every winter - the first year I was away at college and didn't know - I just kept hoping I would feel better until the strep became systemic and I was one sick teen. It took along time to get better because I let it go too long, but since then when I have a sore throat and fever I think strep and I'm often right and need meds to kick it! After many strep free years, I had it again last winter, but so far not this winter! Lots of warm salt water gargles, soothing honey in tea and xylitol spray if you have it - if it's sore because of drainage, that really helps me!