Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Spring Tea

As you may have read about on The Cooks Next Door, it is our family tradition to have a spring tea on the first day of spring. I decided the "next' day of spring was close enough and we could have our tea on Sunday since I like to have something special for Sunday lunch anyway.

Our simple little tea morphed into a party of 13 overnight and we all had a great time around the table together.

I found some near-bursting branches in the woods and mom showed up with some flowers to stick in with the branches. I loved the effect!

We used the traditional spring embroidered tablecloth for the center and of course included strawberries in the menu.

There was quiche, fruit salad, and an incredible green salad which will have to make an appearance on TCND, and piles of scones with 3 kinds of homemade jam and cream. And all the tea and coffee one could drink.

Good times!!!!
The kids and I enjoyed another afternoon tea yesterday with the leftovers. Leftovers are such a welcome thing around here (at least for the mother).
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Lovella ♥ said...

Oh what a wonderful table you set. I'm trying to remember the name of those flowers that are so beautifully arranged . .alstromeria maybe? Anyways .. .that is the nicest way I've ever seen them arranged and will most definately try to recreate that. Those flowers last so long cut and the budding stems would too .. so that will be a all week bouquet for you.
The food .. also looks just perfect.

Rachel said...

Hi Heather,
I just love how (I'm sorry if this is a generalisation) Americans celebrate the passing of the seasons and all the special celebrations through the year. I was talking with a NZ friend about this the other day, and we were discussing how NZers and Australians don't do this - and how we wish they did.
I love your floral arrangement. We are heading into autumn here and I'm kinda looking forward to the shut-in days, but I know I'll be ready for Spring in September.

Candice said...

How beautiful and inspiring! Is the tea just for your family, or do you invite friends, too? Just curious. Love the idea.