Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Check Box #4

After nearly four months of work I've completed my first adult-sized cardigan!!!! Actually, I finished this nearly a month ago and haven't had a good chance to take a picture and post about it.

This is another one of Christina's patterns, which can be found here on Ravelry.

Overall, I'm pleased with the results although, being my very first go at a full-size sweater, I think I've learned a lot and will count this as a learning experience more than anything.

First off, I made a larger size than I should have. I wanted to wear this while I was pregnant, so went with my current measurements. But, I feel it turned out too big under the arms and through the chest.

That may be due to the fact that this merino wool was very stretchy and when I wet it to block it just flew away from me in size. I think the wool would have done better with a smaller needle size. However, the pattern is meant to have a loose look.

When I first finished the cardigan the sleeves were far too long. So, I measured and re-knitted them to the shorter size. Now I feel they are shorter than I want. :( oh well. I am NOT putting more time into this cardi, especially since it may not fit me well AT ALL once the baby comes.

I loved the feel of the merino wool as I knitted -- softer and silkier than anything I've used before. I still think it should have been used for a tighter knitting project. Christina reminds me that because it is recycled that also may cause it to stretch a bit more. Yes, this was recycled wool, the sweater of which I paid $2 at Goodwill. Not a bad price for a project.
And, I'm nearly finished with my second sweater -- I can hardly believe it. I'm knitting Christina's Lamb's Lace Cardi and hope to have it finished by Easter. If you haven't signed up for the pattern giveaway, scroll down and do so before Friday!!!!


Heather said...

I think it looks quite comfortable and pretty! You look to be in the pink of health - how many more weeks?? I've lost count! I am still amazed that you recycled that wool! The good thing is that you can always use warmer water and size it down a bit, and than tug those sleeve just a smidgen when they are damp to get the length you like! My 'wing span', as my kids call it, is over 6' index to index, so you can believe I have a lot of experience stretching sleeves! I was so happy when 3/4 sleeves made a comeback! I was finally 'all in'. A caution though - I almost always use a measuring tape while I tug because, while I have long arms, I am not an ape! There were times when I overstretched and ended up with sleeves to my knees! Oops! I've just told you my least favorite thing about myself! You won't tell, right?

I just glanced down at the word verification - UNDIES - too funny!

Patty said...

I am always inspired when I visit your blog and thankful too..when I first started coming here you were pretty sick and pretty much on bedrest. God is good!

Blessings, Patty