Friday, July 30, 2010

David's 4th Birthday

David turned 4 last Saturday. He decided on peach cobbler for birthday breakfast. Yum!!

Then it was time for present-opening. I made a birthday hat out of felted sweaters and hopefully we can reuse it for the other kids.

Playmobil was the theme of the presents. I found a fisher price pirate ship at a garage sale and that was the centerpiece.

Of course then it was time to PLAY with the playmobil.

David requested a trip to West Park where they have some water features. It was a hot day, but the kids had fun. It's pretty obvious the kids are "stairstep children":

Then it was time for chocolate-zucchini cupcakes with Grandma:
We had pasta for dinner on Saturday and then the family came for lunch on Sunday. David requested cheesecake and Auntie C made it. Doesn't it look good!!! It was!

David and Grandma are only 4 days (and a number of years) apart. So we celebrated both birthdays together:

Out they go:
David informed me that he is "no longer cute now that he is four." I guess that means he's handsome now. :)


Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

Christopher spent hours playing with the same pirate ship (it's been around awhile) and loved Playmobile people and accessories.

We have all the Playmobile items stored for when he gets married and has kids (which used to seem so far away!).

Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

Oh, I forgot to say... Happy Birthday! July birthdays are great even if they are usually hot. :)

SueJ said...

Cute and handsome I'd say! We had (& still have) the pirate ship & a load more playmobil. Hopefully like duplo, Lego & the farm animals it will entertain another generation (just not yet!).

Nicole B. said...

Caleb had the same pirate ship when he was little! It seems like a pretty popular toy!

Karen Reyburn said...

I'm afraid he is still very cute!! But we can go with handsome if that makes him feel more of a man :D