Thursday, July 1, 2010

Mother and Daughters

Emily came up with a great idea when she suggested all of us girls get together for dinner before she flies away to Arizona for her two month internship.

So the three of us girls and mom met at Rick's Boatyard Cafe for dinner. It's the closest we can get to the New England/Long Island shore here in landlocked Indianapolis.

Since several of us brought our cameras, the outing turned into a photoshoot.

We had so much fun!

And the food was good too! Especially the creme brulee we shared for dessert:

The weather this week has been gorgeous -- cool enough to be outside and enjoying it!

We were supposed to be wearing high heels. Not all of us managed that, but a few did.

We are certainly blessed with much laughter and joy despite the trials each of us has or has had.
The lighting was perfect for photos.

Someday, this will be Rachel and Laura:
And maybe this will be me with Rachel and Laura. :) I am so thankful God chose to give us another girl. Although I missed having a brother, having sisters is one of the best things ever.

Oh yes, we do have fun!

Even if we laugh at each other. :)

What's the deal with taking photos in our family????

Isn't this one sweet? (And, you wouldn't believe how dark it really was)
What a gift that we are all three in the same city for the present.

We couldn't stop marvelling at the beautiful sunset, changing all the time.

And here we are together:

A most delightful evening.
I think it should become a tradition!


Margaret said...

I love the photos! Sister are truly the best!

Rachel said...

What lovely pictures. Maybe it's just the photos, (as I haven't met them in person), but it looks like your sister in the blue, and your Rachel have a strong resemblance - is that right?
How nice that you all can be living in the same city - you must have some fun times together.

Candice said...

Great pictures! I always wanted a sister.... :(

Heather said...

I love your pictures - they are a real keepsake! What a blessing you have such a close bond - I am sure you will really miss Emily while she is away! I think you should make your get together an annual event!