Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Life Around Here

Life is so busy around here just now that I hardly have a chance to think about blogging. Here's some of what we've been up to:

celebrating David's 4th birthday all weekend
having overnight guests
sewing with two separate friends
taking the kids to the park and the pool
cleaning and organizing for the start of school (will I ever be ready??)
food shopping (5 kids to 4 stores = ay yi yi)
holding our sweet little Laura (who was 3 months yesterday)
trying to figure out how to both rest and work on the to-do list
oh yes, cooking and doing dishes
getting back into a little pilates
a few rows of knitting

If I just don't worry about what I think needs to be done, life is good. :)

Maybe later this week I can report on church camp, David's birthday and a few other things.


Alaina said...

I just have to note that I'm super impressed that you took all five shopping to that many stores! :) I've started the school prep and don't feel like I will ever be ready either! Maybe we should swap babysitting one day to each have a day to plan. :)

SueJ said...

Heather I am in awe that you even have time to think about blogging, but I am so glad you do!

Karen Reyburn said...

i love this photo! The Mother's Life. :)