Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Miscellaneous Life

My mom took matters into her own hands and changed my mantle for me. I had no time or inspiration to change it, and decided it could just stay summer until Christmas. But, mom took a few moments to whip it into shape and here it is:

Michael got hit by a deer this morning as he was driving to a meeting. We are thankful that the car has no lasting damage. Things could have been a lot worse. Of course I'm just thinking about the deer meat we could have had.....

Laura just loves her Daddy. It's so cute.

More and more I'm realizing how much I love having three boys. I know girls were always a dream of mine, but boys are awfully special too, and it's fun that they are close together in age.

Soccer is over -- I didn't take many pictures but did get a few of Rachel since it was her first season.

I don't think I mentioned the wonderful visit we had from old and dear friends recently. The B's live in Vermont and stopped by Indiana on a trip. They've visited us in every state that we've moved to since my family left Vermont in 1982. And, their daughter Amanda even visited us in Scotland!! Their visit was a special treat and encouragement.

I got my bathroom cleaned and closet organized today along with putting away all the laundry. I told Rachel I'd pay her to run all the laundry through yesterday while I was gone. She did it! Seven or eight loads through (not folded, but that wasn't required) and only one set of white underwear gone pink (and the owner won't notice). Hmmmm.....I could change the chores around....or, maybe I should just leave this one for special occasions.

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Monica said...

I think Michael is the fourth person I know who has had a run in with a deer in the past two weeks. Thankful that all turned out okay. They can cause a lot of injury and damage.

Yay for Rachel! It's true that laundry really isn't about work, but just a lot of time. We usually start the laundry on Friday morning and let it pile up until Saturday. Then we all sit down and fold together.