Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Rachel Turns 10

I was so glad that we were home in time to properly celebrate Rachel's 10th birthday!!! I grew up in a family where birthdays were "BIG". Not big in money sense, but big in the thoughtfulness, creativity of decorations, and effectiveness of making you feel special.

I went to Hobby Lobby on Saturday and came up with this little table theme, which I think Rachel enjoyed. (The above picture is not great, unfortunately.)

I also found a new skirt and hairband to make a nice little new outfit. It's always fun to have a new outfit for a special day. :)

Everything was pink and sparkly. Very girly.

James was with me when we picked out the decorations and I told him he could buy Rach a Christmas ornament for a birthday present. This is what he picked out:

Rachel wanted lemon cake so we added lemon zest to our regular 4-egg cake and then mixed lemon curd with whipped cream for the icing. Very good!

It's hard to believe that my active parenting years with Rachel are more than half over.

Before we know it Rachel will be a young lady.

The kids had lots of fun with the party (there were jellybeans sprinkled all over the table). Michael and I just tried to stay awake.

Yes, the cake was good.

Thanksgiving prep is under way! Pie crusts are in the fridge and waiting to be baked tomorrow!

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Anonymous said...

Cake looks yummy! And Rachels new outfit is cute too. Looks like a happy day! :)