Thursday, February 24, 2011

Book Review: What's He Really Thinking?

Last month I decided I would sign up again to do a book review here on my blog. The first book to arrive was What's He Really Thinking?: How to be a Relational Genius with the Man in Your Life by Paula Rinehart.

I was slightly skeptical of the book because of the high claim on the cover of becoming a "relational genius" with the man in my life. I'm not sure any book can make a woman a 'relational genius' but I agree with Stasi Eldredge's review on the front cover: "for every woman who wants to grow in understanding and loving the men in her life." Yes, I would recommend this book as a great step towards that end.

The book is broken down into two parts: Understanding the Man You Love, and Loving the Man You Understand. The chapters cover: what men do, why men hurt, and how men change; and then go on to discuss: expectations, respect, conflict, getting through, and intimacy (and I really appreciated the fact that the author dealt with soul intimacy here, not just physical).

Although the book claims to be of help with men in any area of your life, I did feel as though it was meant mostly for married women or those in a dating relationship.

A phrase I will take away from the book is Rinehart's admonition to "not let your husband pay for the debt other men have left in your life." A profound thought, and something to keep on pondering through the years.

Definitely a good book filled with good advice from an author who spends much of her time counseling marriages and seeing first hand what works and what doesn't work.

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