Monday, February 7, 2011

Indiana in February

We had more snow over the weekend, burying the sheet of ice that we'd received last week. It certainly brightens the house with the light reflected off all that white stuff!

I have lots to post about but not much time now. I thought I'd post this picture I captured from the window last week. Poor bird! Robins are here early this year, perhaps they never left. I saw them around Christmastime too.


willow said...

The snow looks very pretty Heather but I am glad that we don't have any here!
Are robins migratory where you are then ?- I'm used to seeing our robins all year round.

Jessica said...

Usually Robin's around here are migratory but I noticed a few, too. I guess there is a Canadian variety that will winter over in more southerly locations.

We have had a Red Tail Hawk at our feeder lately! Taking care of the squirel population big time. It is pretty wild watching such a huge creature swoop down into the yard. Makes me fear for my future chickens.