Monday, February 21, 2011

New Pillows

I've been having fun lately with my newest art form: embroidered pillows.

It's been party central around here the last week but now things are slowing down a bit and this week I'm meant to get a start (or finish) on several projects in the craft area.

I'm reading several good books at the moment which is giving me a lot to think about. THINK. That's something I've been pondering lately. Thinking is good. I'm getting the idea that most of us probably don't spend enough time is too loud.

I'm thankful for a nice weekend. Thanks to Emily who babysat Laura, I got to go to church yesterday! We enjoyed a baby shower on Saturday evening and when I'm not busy there's sweet Laura always ready to smile and play.

And now to begin another week.....


Reginas Cottage said...

hi heather,
what a sweet looks great!!
have a nice week,

southseaislandhome said...

I love the pillow! It's so pretty.

liz nelson said...

I love the pillow!! i had tons of fun at my shower- thanks so much for putting it together!:)

Candice said...

I love that pillow!! So cute and spring-y.

willow said...

Lovely cushion, Heather, perfect for spring.
Thanks for the comment on my blog. I'm feeling much better, thank you, the aches and stiffness have gone and I am starting to reduce the level of medication - so far so good.

Laura said...

Great pillow.. I love it..
make some more !!!