Friday, February 18, 2011

The Latest Knitting

I've found my new favorite knitting pattern: it is the Plain Vest by Anna and Heidi Pickles.

I first saw it on Posie Gets Cozy here. Once I cast on, before I knew it the vest was nearly knitted.

Since it was so fun, I immediately cast on for another one, since I had just enough yarn. I cut out a few rows, and bound off tightly and ended up with just about 4 inches of yarn to spare.

These vests are perfect for spring when you need something warmer than just a shirt, but a sweater is too warm. Laura is wearing the blue one today.


Heather said...

Oh Heather - so cute! I think the vest pattern is poorly named for it is anything but plain! I love the rounded yoke and garter stitch edges! Can you size it up and make a match for your big girl too?

Lovella ♥ said...

Oh I just love these. ..are they in your etsy store? I have no time to knit but know some girlies who would surely wear them.

I was just looking at some cute dresses in the store and thought I could easily make them. .that I can do.

(picking out colors in my mind. . .lavendar and white. ..or lavendar and light grey. .or pink and lavendar. . .oh. cute.