Monday, June 20, 2011

First Steps

Yesterday Laura took her very first steps!!! We always arrive quite early at church and after our "morning chores" were done we all sat down in the pews and Laura stood in the aisle. We all happened to be watching when she decided to try a step on her own! What a great moment it was, and a perfect Father's Day gift! It will also be a nice memory to think she took her first steps at church. Walking on her own is a big milestone for Laura's development and we are thankful that's she's really close now!

Laura got her stitches out this morning. I guess everything looks good. I'm hoping the scar heals up to be less noticeable than it is now (stitches still in at time of photo).

Laura also likes to eat frozen peas. It's a good way to get some veggies in her.


harmony and rosie said...

That's so lovely, let's hope she'll be running in no time! (My daughter has a thing for frozen peas too - she's eight!)

Heather said...

Yummy frozen peas - maybe she'll like them on a salad some day soon too! I'm sure her scar will disappear quickly - we are using vitamin e on our son's eye lid every night before bed and using a SPF 45 made for lips sunscreen stick on his eye three or four times a day along with a hat every time he is out of doors - the dermatologist said the critical thing was to keep it out of the sun for 6 months! Of course, he wanted a big pirate-y old scar on his eye lid so he could gad about yelling 'Arrggggg' but it's all but gone after just two months. So sorry son!

Lovella ♥ said...

Such a dolly! I love it that she took her first steps in church. I was coaxing my littlest one yesterday too. ..and was quite successful.

Karen Reyburn said...

Hooray!! That IS exciting that her first steps were in her Father's house, on father's day! What a beautiful moment for you all, and a promise of spiritual steps to come :D