Friday, June 3, 2011

Surgery, Take Two

Well, one more update today. We just got home from the hospital ... for the second time, today. Laura was doing so well after we got home this afternoon. But just after dinner, she somehow got through the stair gate at the top of the steps and rolled all the way down, re-opening the stitches in her nose and bleeding everywhere. We are still mystified at how she got through the stair gate, but it happened, and it was scary.

We dashed her down to the Riley Emergency Room, where they ran CT scans and other tests to make sure everything was okay internally. Once that was all clear, they scheduled her for a return to the operating room tomorrow morning to re-do the stitches in her nose. So, we get to do the whole hospital routine all over again tomorrow.

We are scheduled to take her in tomorrow morning for a 7:30am operation (they do have to fully sedate her to do the sutures right). And it will be the same surgeon doing the repair who did the operation today. We can hardly believe this all happened--it all seems so unreal. But there you have it. A strange twist we never could have anticipated.

As you can see from the attached photo (taken just a few minutes ago), Laura is doing great and happy as a lark (so long as there are no doctors nearby). Heather is tucking her into bed now, and the rest of us will also go get a little sleep before an early morning. But I wanted to fill you in, and to invite your continued prayers for tomorrow.

Praise God for his protection.


Mrs. Troop said...

Praying for Laura and you all.

Silvia M. said...

My goodness, poor thing. And I feel for all of you for such a scare after such a difficult day.
I hope you get some rest. Hugs.

southseaislandhome said...

Praying for you all - hope it goes well. Thanks for the update.

Lovella ♥ said...

Praying for you all. .and especially Laura! I hope you were able to rest last night.

Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

Well, she is a typical toddler!

Praying for all of you.