Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Le Dolce Vita

We've found a new place to go for a treat!

It's called Le Dolce Vita and it's in the nearby town of Zionsville on a quiet street inside an adorable little house.

A week ago we met friends there for a donut and coffee. I'm so excited that there is now more than one option for coffee in Zionsville!

Of course we had to ooooo and awwwwww over all the beautiful pastries, especially the macaroons which are a house specialty. I was tempted to buy one but didn't.

Several days later I met a different friend at a park and what did she pull out of her bag for me but a sweet little box of macaroons from Le Dolce Vita!

So, I got to try the macaroons after all, with a nice pot of tropical rooibus tea from Tea's Me. It was a perfect ending to a busy day.

So, if you are in the are, be sure to search out this little cafe and enjoy a bit of refreshment!


Anne said...

Hi Heather, The donuts at the new bakery will take you back to your childhood. Very good. Did you know there is a new cupcake bakery in the strip mall next to McDonald's? Very good cupcakes... not on my diet! I had my niece for a few days and we had to stop in there and try one.

Anonymous said...

How nice of your friend to bring you the macaroons! I would love to try baking those but haven't attempted them just yet. :)