Friday, June 17, 2011

Sister Outing

For some time we sisters have been wanting to go away on an overnight together just to have some extended time together. All spring we thought and researched and wanted to plan a stay at a Bed and Breakfast somewhere in the state. When it came down to it, none of us could really afford the costs that entailed. So, we got creative. We asked if JK would be willing to go visit his mom for a night and we all converged on Christina's home, which she had turned into a Bed and Breakfast!

When we arrived there were candles and flowers everywhere and some lovely nibbles to begin the evening.

Look at these beautiful strawberries, covered in orange zest and a tiny hint of powdered sugar.

Every nook and cranny looked like a comfortable place to sit down and relax.

Christina, whose birthday we were celebrating, really made the time a success by her hard work. Oh, and mom joined us for the evening and breakfast.

One room was set up like a spa, ready for us to do our nails.

The back deck was ready for dinner.

I went to Trader Joe's and came back with dinner.

So many delicious things!

Lots of laughter over dinner!

And then on to the beauty spa.

We all enjoyed Jeni's ice-cream, brought straight from Columbus, OH on dry ice by a friend. This flavor was Wildberry Lavender. Amazing!

We stayed up late watching a movie and then got up for a beautiful breakfast in the morning. We began with these coffee creams.

And Christina made a cooked breakfast to follow that.

More good times.....

Then it was time to get ready for the day.

Before heading out, we had to take a few quick photos for Christina's knitting patterns.

Then we headed to the Carmel Farmer's Market.

And were completely overcome by the buckets and buckets of peonies on sale.

We made a quick, but not so quick, detour to the fashion mall where Gap was having a 40% off sale, including their sale rack, making shirts $6, etc. We all found something! Then we were off to lunch in Broadripple.

It was such a wonderful weekend and I'm so glad we figured out a way to make it work!


Lovella ♥ said...

Oh this sounds ever so wonderful. I loved all the photos and the smiles and the love and the relationships that are felt through out this post.
So wonderful you made a way to do this.

Karen Reyburn said...

Ohhh, I'm so proud!! And honoured you would join in our tradition!! One day in the far flung future we will have to have a massive Sister Weekend, bringing lots of sisters together! How amazing would that be!

Pin said...

Buckets of peonies are indeed amazing - your B&B looked so pro. Reminded me to go to Trader Joe's - am all hungry now!!