Thursday, June 9, 2011

May Wedding

At the beginning of May we had a wedding here in town. Jenny, a member of our congregation serving as a nurse deep in the heart of Uganda, married Dr. Jim Knox. Together they will continue to serve at the clinic in Uganda. It was a lovely celebration!

Emily and Mom did the flowers, which were so pretty against the dresses.

Jenny had made cake pops to decorate all the tables. My friend Karen had come from SCotland to take the wedding pictures.

Alaina (of The Cooks Next Door) made the brownie cake which was so beautiful and tasted delicious).

The most amazing thing happened while at the wedding. I actually discovered a relative! Dr. Jim's friends David and Susan Winslow were in attendance. Winslow is my maiden name and as soon as we met we began comparing family trees and sure enough we both are descended from Kenelm Winslow (brother of Edward Winslow) who came to America on the Mayflower II. It was so exciting to meet a new relative and to find so much in common with our shared faith.

The reception tables were very festive.

Lots of beautiful flowers.

I always love when Emily does a wedding and there are flowers everywhere in my kitchen.

I can never take enough pictures.

I love the tiny wax flowers.

And the yellow roses were gorgeous.

Well done, Emily! She's already planning for the next wedding she's doing in July.

Of course we all stand around and watch whenever possible.

And now it's off into another day. Laura is more perky today and I hope her appetite will continue to pick up.


Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

I LOVE those flowers and never thought of cake pops as decoration.

My son just officially got engaged last night (they have been "unofficial" for awhile). I will have to tell M. and her mom about the cake pops idea.

I haven't forgotten to send your book. Just have not been to the post office!

Lovella ♥ said...

OH I would love to watch Emily do her fantastic bouquets. They are just stunning.
The cake pops also are just so fun. .great birthday idea.

So fun to find new connections and what girl doesn't love to go to such a beautiful wedding.

Congratulations to the beautiful couple with a wonderful ministry.

Ruth MacC said...

Heather the flowers are so beautiful, great photos :0)

Candice said...

Gorgeous pictures!! I wish we were closer so I could pick your brain about photography. I still hardly know how to use my new camera. How exciting for the B. family. I met Mrs. B last year at Presbyterial and she was such a neat lady. And, so glad little Laura is recovering well. She's a trooper.