Friday, September 9, 2011

Andrew Turns 9

Andrew turned 9 last week! He woke up to find this raccoon getting into the birthday candy.

Andrew went for breakfast with Michael and then had presents to open once he finished his school work. He requested cupcakes and ice-cream in the evening with the neighborhood friends.

It was a perfect evening. We had vanilla gluten-free cupcakes, and regular chocolate cupcakes. Through a long series of events, it looks like Andrew needs to be gluten-free. So, we are learning the ropes and trying to make sure Andrew has eating options.

Happy Birthday dear Andrew......

oh yum!

Laura is getting to know the new puppy in the neighborhood. I was very mindful that it was a year ago on Andrew's birthday that we began to find out the problems Laura had. How thankful we are that a year later she is doing so well!!!! She is still followed by six different specialists at Riley but we rejoice that each time we go in for a checkup they are pleased with her progress.

Yes, these two are the babies on the block.

And here are the friends:

I loved being 9. I hope Andrew has just as much fun as I did.


Ruth MacC said...

Laura is getting like her big sister! Love the chocolate buns :0)

willow said...

Happy Birthday to Andrew.
Your sunflowers are impressive, a lovely outside space for a birthday tea.

thebuddinggourmet said...

very colorful blog. thanks for sharing nice pics..

Lovella ♥ said... fun seeing the children. Happy Birthday to Andrew!

It seems like every family has to have at least one Celiac. I hope his adjustment won't be too hard on him.

Karen Reyburn said...

He actually looks older to me! Definitely a big guy at 9! :) Tell him happy birthday for me and I miss all the kids!! xxx