Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Books We Enjoy

I promised a friend a list of some of our favorite children's books and thought I would just post it here.

I've been using Read for the Heart to give me new ideas on books to check out of the library for the children.

In no specific order, here are some of our most-enjoyed books:

Little Women
Chronicles of Narnia
Little House on the Prairie series
Anne of Green Gables series
Billy and Blaze series
Milly Molly Mandy series
Secret Garden
The Little Princess
American Girl Doll book series
Wind in the Willows
Happy Hollisters series
Carry on Mr. Bowditch
Sugar Creek Gang series
Betsy, Tacy, and Tib series
Brown Sunshine of Sawdust Valley and other books by Marguerite Henry, especially:
Misty of Chincoteague
Abigail (by Portia Howe Sperry)
By Freedom's Light (O'Maley)
Captured (by Mary Blair Immel) (these last three pertain to Indiana history)
Diary of an Early American Boy
Wolves of Willoughby Chase series (by Joan Aiken, our new favorite author)
Bears of Blue River
Growing Up in Indiana
Johnny Tremain
Witch of Blackbird Pond
Miss Hickory
Miss Pickerel series
Pippi Longstocking
Raiders from the Sea series
Ollies Cabin in the Woods
Justin Morgan Had a Horse
Trumpet of the Swan
Boxcar Children series
Magic Tree House series
The Little series


Esther said...

We love lots of these books too. Joan Aiken is a favorite of mine from childhood--my kids are a little freaked out so far though! (A. is very nightmare-prone.) Sometime you should come up this way and go to Nantucket like Dido did. :)

We also like Honey for a Child's Heart for good book ideas--you're probably already familiar with it. :)

Esther H

Ruth MacC said...

I used to watch Pippi Longstockings on tv as a child!