Friday, September 30, 2011

New York City Day 2

Each day in New York I was so mindful of the fact that this whole entire trip was such a lovely gift from God to me. I savored all the beauty, the new experiences, the good food, and the chance to have a complete break from my hectic life.

Saturday morning, sitting in my pajamas for hours, reading a book was certainly a big treat! Later we headed back to the Cloisters to explore the park grounds and stop for brunch.

There is a beautiful cafe called New Leaf on the grounds of the Cloisters, and this is where we ordered our brunch.

I loved the light elegance of the place -- everyone around us enjoying a leisurely Saturday brunch in the warmth of the early autumn weather, windows open and breeze blowing.

I ordered duck confit hash with eggs and grits.

Christy ordered french toast with sauteed bananas, Vermont maple syrup and the best sausages ever!!! (We split our orders between us)

We found this sight a very odd one to behold in Manhattan:

And another strange sight, though apparently quite common: check out the galoshes!

After brunch we headed downtown to Central Park. What a delightful place!

We met up with Christy's boyfriend, David, who kindly agreed to provide supplies for us to do watercolors.

I never take time to paint, but dream of the day when I will. Somehow it felt right to paint on vacation. Such an extravagant use of time could be justified.

We all enjoyed ourselves.......

And then we stopped to watch some street performers:

before heading to our next adventure. I made sure to stop at a Goodwill store in the city. Lovely on the outside, disappointing on the inside. Prices are at least double there and women's coats were up to $35!!! I did not see anything exciting or worth a lot of money.

Dinner was had at Alice's Tea Cup -- a proper British tea.

The food was scrumptious: warm from the oven pumpkin, buttermilk, and salted caramel chocolate chip scones; salmon sandwiches, curried chicken sandwiches, mocha cake, five kinds of cookies, and pots of tea for each of us.

We ended the evening at the New York City ballet!!! What a treat it was and it made my trip seem so authentic!

Oh yes, there is always the subway ride home late at night afterward.


Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

What a wonderful trip! God knows just what we need to bless us and give us joy.

I just saw the cookbook from Alice's Tea Cup on Amazon. It may have to go on my Wish List.

Steph and her family will be here next May for her brother's wedding. Perhaps we can all get together then.

Rachel said...

What a lovely time. Did you enjoy the ballet? That tea shop looks so nice - don't you think it would be fun to have your own teashop one day. I think I'd like to, :o)

Mrs J said...

Sounds & looks like a real treat of a trip!

Lovella ♥ said...

Wow...such a wonderful day. I love how talented you are. ..through and through. I was asked by Grandgirlie to be careful to stay in the lines. .while coloring with her.
That tea looks much more gourmet than high teas are here....not surprised.

I can see where having a tour guide would be very helpful. :)

Ruth MacC said...

The photos are amazing Heather. I am really enjoying them. Love ballet too.