Monday, October 24, 2011

Flowers Before The Frost

I went out to pick all my flowers the other day, seeing a frost was likely. It is always fun to pick flowers with reckless abandon, bringing in as many as you possibly can. I had enough for many different bouquets.

I'm still working on reorganizing my jewelry drawer and haven't gotten things put away yet.

The peony leaves have turned a beautiful color and make such a nice addition to the bouquets this fall. I love having flowers beside my bed.

And these sweet roses are on my desk.

Sage has become another favored addition to bouquets. My plants have done very well and there is plenty to pick.

I planted at least 6 varieties of marigolds this year. Some very short and others very tall and leggy. This bunch created their own, elegant display when placed in a vase.

And there was still basil growing in the garden and a few stray blooms on the huge sunflower.

I love the heavy smell of marigolds. It takes me right back to being 7 and collecting the dried seed heads on the marigolds in the cold of autumn with the smell of leaves mingling with the scent of the flowers.

A friend brought this beautiful chrysanthemum to us -- I haven't seen a two-toned one like this before and I just love it!

My tendency is often to look on the bad side of things, but let me leave you with a few "good" things from yesterday:

-- a large buck running through our backyard, very close to the house, complete with a rack of antlers on his head!
-- finding the clothes we needed to for Michael, and realizing we could get another 20% off plus use the $10 off coupon I had.
-- walking in Eagle Creek with Michael
-- knowing that Laura has met the developmental guidelines for 18 months!!!!
--plenty of things to keep me busy and energy to do them

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Anonymous said...

Lovely. I like your vases too.