Thursday, October 13, 2011

James' Birthday and the Apple Orchard

James turned 7 while I was away in New York. I left plenty of surprises and exactly the chosen food for the big day. But, when I got off the plane, we headed directly to the apple orchard for the traditional party.

Auntie C brought along the chocolate cupcakes.

James is getting so big! And he's maturing and doing so well with his second grade work.

Pack Rat came all the way from NYC to be James' special present.

Then we all had a look around at the pumpkins.

Laura was having a great time!

In fact, everyone was!

Everyone got to choose a pie pumpkin.

We did stop for a group photo with Grandma.

And then it was off to the apple trees to pick.

It's always delightful to leave the city and head to the country. The stark contrast with Manhattan just a few hours earlier was quite interesting to contemplate.

Laura was such a tiny baby last year and now she is so grown up!

Kids and trees go together!

Time for apple pie.....

On top of the world, in a sense!

Laura found an apple just her size.

Baby hands are so precious!

We ended with apple cider slushies, just like we always do.


harmony and rosie said...

Lovely, fun photos Heather, it's clear you all had a ball.

Just been catching up on your NYC trip, wow what a special one that was. Lucky you!

Happy weekend x

Stephanie said...

Sounds like a fun time! DH and I went apple purchasing (no picking this year) at a local orchard on Sun the 9th. I'm impressed as well that I can reach "the country" in less than half an hour from the dense east-side suburbs of Cleveland. We are currently having cooler weather with some rain, so it definitely feels like fall.

Lovella ♥ said...

Oh yum and oh cute!
I know what you mean about the contrast of the city and the country. The day we drove to New York from Lancaster PA was amazing. So close and yet a completely different life.