Saturday, October 29, 2011

Rachel's Knitting

Rachel is an avid knitter, and she rarely talks with me about what she is knitting or plans to knit. She pretty much just goes ahead and does it. She loves to do colorwork (adding in additional colors other than the main one she is knitting with) and makes up her own patterns as she goes along.

She recently finished this sweater out of some Cascade yarn:

She made it for a little baby girl we are friends with. Doesn't she look so cute in the sweater?!

Rachel has also finished her first shawl and is waiting for me to block it.......We'll see what she does next!


Lovella ♥ said...

I am amazed. .so young and so talented!!

Nicole said...

Holy crow!! I had no idea she knitted. That is amazing! Ask her if she's taking orders. :)

Rachel said...

Beautiful! She's amazing!

Stephanie said...

Cute sweater! Did Rachel make up the pattern or just add the colorwork? Either way, great job!

Freelance SEO said...

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