Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Latest Greatest

I promised my friends I would post a few links to recipes here. Last Sunday morning, before church, as I was getting ready for guests, my kids reminded me that it would be fellowship evening at church that night. Once again, I had forgotten, and didn't have much in the house. I decided I would worry about it after church, and after my lunch guests had left.

After our guests were gone, I looked around and saw one leftover apple pie, a bowl of roasted potatoes, and some frozen green beans. That was what I took to church, using the following recipes:

Roasted Potato Salad -- I tasted a roasted potato salad ten years ago on Glasgow's West Side and new there would be a recipe for one out there. This one is amazing!!! I can't wait to have this again: warm or cold (room temp is best I think). You could even make it without the basil. I used red onions instead of scallions, I also just used my leftover roasted potatoes instead of roasting them according to their directions. I also added a few baked sweet potatoes that were hanging around the fridge.

Green Beans with Lemon Vinaigrette -- I have made Alaina's recipe for this countless times. I'd actually forgotten that it calls for walnuts, because I rarely have them and so never use them in this recipe. I usually also forget to put in the onions. I use the base recipe for green beans and for broccoli. My kids love this!!!!

Green Beans with Blue Cheese -- This is my very favorite green bean recipe. You can even make it without the blue cheese, probably without the nuts too -- or with cheese and not nuts. It is very versatile. It is amazing hot or cold or room temp. My kids also love, love, love this! I love to make a huge batch and have extras to eat the next day.

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