Tuesday, October 4, 2011

New York City Day 4

Monday was my last day in New York. Christy headed back to work and I was on my own. I headed to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, figuring I would spend a few hours wandering the galleries. However, when I arrived I was informed they were closed on Mondays. :(

But, there were plenty of other museums lining Central Park so I decided to walk north and see which one caught my fancy.

Arriving at the first museum of choice, I was greeted by the sign below. Well, how could I be upset. My New York trip was about a little me time of my own. So, I proceeded down to the next museum and walked in the door to be greeted by a doorman who explained that they were closed just today to fix the handrail. With that, my museum going was over -- all the rest of the interesting museums were also closed on Mondays.

So, I just walked the length of Central Park and headed to the toy store, where I figured I would buy presents for the kids.

It certainly was a place you could spend hours in, and probably lots and lots of money too.

My kids would have loved seeing all the full-sized lego figures.

The Barbie Foosball was certainly a sight!

After choosing presents, I hopped on the subway to find a place I've always wanted to go -- one of my two "must-sees" while in New York: Once Upon A Tart.

I came across the Once Upon A Tart cookbook in the library and found it full of amazing recipes for salads, soups, sandwiches, and baked goods. I even bought a copy as a shower gift for a friend. I really never thought I would get to visit.

It was especially exciting to actually meet one of the owners and cookbooks writers: Jerome.

Take a look at the tarts!!!!!

I chose the peach-blueberry. Isn't it beautiful! And, the pastry was very good. I am fussy about pastry and always analyze shop-made desserts on their pastry. No complaint here except I would have preferred the pastry be made with salted butter rather than unsalted.

My sandwich, a goat cheese with roasted portabellos and radicchio drizzled in balsamic vinegar, was so incredibly good. The bread was good too, which makes all the difference. I would love another one of these!

I enjoyed my food and bought some biscotti and granola to bring home. Then I headed over a few streets to visit the famous knitting shop Purl Soho.

I have enjoyed the Purl Bee blog for so long and I couldn't wait to visit the shop. I think I will have to do another post just on knitting in New York so I don't clutter up this post with 15 pictures. (Christina says to notice the UPS truck in the window since every yarn store knows their UPS deliveryman and eagerly awaits shipments.)

Needing some afternoon refreshment, I stopped to buy some water at a little deli and came out with a few bagels for breakfast. Must have bagels in New York!

There were 12 options to buy for putting on top of your bagel!!! Including, green olive and cream cheese -- my favorite!!!!!

Christy's sister-in-law, Christina, kindly met up with me at 3 to show me around Chinatown. Such a fun place! I did feel like I was back overseas again!

We even went to a Chinese grocery store, where I could have spent hours. I settled on a few teas and some large tapioca pearls for bubble tea.

Our walking took us through Little Italy -- don't you love this picture!

And then we ended up at Mario Batali's Italian Emporium known as Eataly.

Incredible. That is the only word for bistro after bistro, department after department of gourmet food. The espresso bar:

The bakery:

The mushroom selection (and there was a potato selection as well!):

Fresh green selection:

And there was a bread bakery, butcher, dry goods, pizzaria, etc. I then said goodbye to Christina and meandered up to the Empire State Building where Christy works.

We picked up some street food (gyros) and took the subway to the tip of Manhattan to sit and watch the boats on the Hudson River and stare over to New Jersey.

And that was my trip to New York!!!! Fantastic!


MarissaInks said...

you make your own bubble tea?? Putting in my request for the next Kitchen Stool Club Meeting

MarissaInks said...
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MarissaInks said...

Oh and btw it is very typical for museums to not be open on mondays. Its a tradition of sorts. Its too bad because I know they would have been fantastic.

Rachel said...

Well, that was a feast for the eyes. I'm sitting here feeling very hungry now! And that yarn store and the toy store... oh oh oh I miss America!
What a fabulous time Heather! I guess you'll have lots of great memories of your trip to feast on for awhile.

Reneelynn said...

What did you buy at the yarn shop? Looking forward to your post about that!!!!!!!!!
Looks like you had a wonderful time! What a packed 4th day ;)