Tuesday, March 13, 2012

308 Maple Street

We've been busy behind the scenes working on a new idea and today was the launch of our new website 308 Maple Street!!!! You'll have to go over and check it out! It's our online shop collection, teaming up with my mom and sister and another friend.

Marissa made a gluten-free flower cake to celebrate and of course we had tea too. She also made the most amazing gluten-free cake pops. Far too irresistible.

While we were all together we began the process of making our presence known.

And of course kept drinking tea....... even Marissa enjoyed ice tea just to be in the spirit of everything.

We hope you will enjoy looking through all our creations!


Laura said...

great pictures of the event... glad you got the cake before we ate.. it was really good... thanks for having the party,it was all so fun..

Jessica said...

Yum! 308 Maple St. looks great! I'm trying so hard not to walk over the the bakery across the st. but I think after seeing these sweets I am hopeless :).