Thursday, March 15, 2012

Colors for Spring

It seems funny to post this picture when it is currently sweltering here in the midwest. I think the temp hit somewhere around 80F today. Personally, I'd like just a little milder spring, but I sure would rather have this than snow right now!

I found this crochet sweater while on the hunt for supplies for my felted flowers. Since it was at least 3 sizes too big, I didn't consider wearing it at first. But, when I tried it on, it seemed to fit -- and that's when I noticed it had already been shrunk. I love it! It is my new favorite thing to wear, that and my blue rose, which is maybe my most favorite thing to wear.

I can't resist blue and yellow together, even though I'm leaning more towards gray and pink this year. Aren't colors such a wonderful gift to us?!!!


Lovella ♥ said...

I love that sweater and the punch of bright yellow underneath. I can't believe how much yellow there is in the stores. I have always loved when it has come back into style over the years.

It is raining here today...and its not a tropical rain either.

Jessica said...

i've got a serious gray thing happening right now, too. eliot wanted his room black but i've convinced him gray is the way to go so i get to play with bright white trim and gray walls...grand plans ahead!