Saturday, March 3, 2012

Embracing Winter: Make Mud Pies in March

March is here. You know, it has never been one of my favorite months. The worst of winter is over and spring is on the horizon, but it's not here yet. It's kind of like hitting the doldrums, or the last few miles of a marathon, or maybe just getting stuck in the mud (literally or figuratively).

Some people might find themselves getting more depressed in March than they got in January or February! Don't give up the fight now. We are almost there! Just three weeks until we can celebrate the first day of spring! So put on your mud boots and rain gear and brave the lion's roar.

I can't overemphasize the importance of looking for the little blessings in life, especially when days are gray and dismal. Keep your eyes open for: crocuses blooming, robins chirping, green appearing on the roadside, perennials popping up, the grass beginning to green. Be thankful for: good books to read, delicious food, hot drinks, news from friends, St. Patrick's day to celebrate, music, the presence of a loved one.

Don't miss the fun of the current season. There are no snowmen to be made, so you just might have to settle for mud pies!

Children sure love to make mud pies. The dirt is nice and soft and in abundance at this time of year and it's a treat to get outside and do something creative. Try not to think about all the muddy clothes, the trails of dirt on the floors, or the mess on the patio. If you can't bear the thought, then maybe set aside one day to allow this messy pleasure and then say no on the other days.

Look at these birds, making the most of the treat left for them on the table. More and more birds should be appearing now that the weather is warming up. Keep your eyes open and notice when you see a new kind of bird. Birds are such happy creatures and can bring smiles to our faces.

Winter will be over and we'll soon forget these long weeks. Just don't let yourself miss the special moments we have today and tomorrow by wishing too fervently for a different month.

Oh, and if your children need a little more inspiration, you could check out this book by Marjorie Winslow titled "Mud Pies and Other Recipes". I could not resist it when I found it at a library book sale.

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Christina Wall said...

love it! Love your thoughts about March too. It's so true - and that's not even mentioning the crazy weather that we sometimes get here in Indiana