Wednesday, November 18, 2015

The Last Hurrah

Two weeks ago the weather was so warm and the day so beautiful that I looked at the calendar, cancelled the rest of the afternoon and took the kids out on the water. David and Laura had never been. 

Rachel and Andrew got the double kayak.

You can see how gorgeous the sky was and the leaves were just towards the end. The temperature was amazing -- upper 60's.

 It could not have been a more beautiful day!

We headed around a bend toward the yacht club to check out "Terrapin Station" -- a tiny little island in the middle of the inlet.

Everyone wanted to get out and "explore". The water level of the reservoir was so low that it made landing very easy.

Here I am in the back of the canoe having the time of my life!

And when we headed back out of the inlet this is the scene that greeted us. I couldn't get enough of it!!!

We pulled in to the little peninsula for dinner.

This is super happy me -- having a real adventure with the kids, surrounded by beauty!

We even had a blimp fly over!

The sunset got even more magical as the younger boys took the canoe out for a little paddle on their own.

I think everyone was feeling giddy with happiness!

Just look at that sunset!!!

So that was our last big fall adventure. It was marvelous!!! The next day I went to my mom's for my scheduled painting lesson and I knew exactly what I wanted to paint!!

So far, November continues to be mild! My summer flower pot is still blooming by the front door despite several frosts. Today it was around 60. But I think the fun on the lake is gone until next year.


Lisa Richards said...

Gorgeous painting, Heather! I'm excited to be sending Mr. Badger your way very soon. I think he will have a great time with your active family! Woo hoo! :) Happy Thanksgiving!

Candice said...

I love your painting! And what a delightful day! Thanks for sharing your photos.

reader19 said...

I can't get over how extremely happy you all are in the pictures!!! Wonderful! So glad you all got to appreciate that most beautiful of days! Every scene was amazing, and no better family to enjoy it! Your watercolor totally captures the heart of the feeling from that day--such a good job! It was great seeing all the whole-hearted smiles going on! Thanks for sharing the beauty the Lord provided to you on that day on the lake...wish I could have been there to enjoy it with you! What fun!