Friday, November 6, 2015

Virginia Vacation Day 4

On Tuesday of our vacation we headed back to Colonial Williamsburg for the day. Again, it was amazing weather!

We started our day with a "court session" in the court building:

Members of the audience helped to participate in some typical court cases and we all learned a little bit about how the court functioned and what kinds of cases might be heard.

Next we headed to the armory to view the weapons collection.

The boys, especially, loved this!

The youngest like to hang out together:

Interspersed throughout Colonial Williamsburg are historic shops that sell interesting things -- here's a collection of tea:

An example of leaf tobacco:

We stepped inside the printer's:

And we visited the tin shop. This shop was "set up" to provide for the military troops during the Revolutionary War.

I wanted one of these little cups!!!

The tin shop was probably one of my favorite places:

Maybe we could take the teapot too!

No one was in the kitchen near the tin shop but I stuck my head in anyway:

The blacksmith shop was so huge -- with at least five furnaces I think. Once again, I believe this was part of the places supplying things for the soldiers.

A couple in costume:

We took at tour of the capital building. It was quite impressive inside, with lots of paintings of British rulers!

The upstairs joint meeting room:

The courtroom downstairs:

Virginia was under British rule during the time of Colonial Williamsburg, thus the flag:

Here is a view of the capital from the outside:

One of our very favorite places (in fact we had to visit twice!) was the Coffee House! Inside we learned a little bit about coffee house culture which is quite similar to today: a place for men to meet and discuss politics, philosophy, etc. and to enjoy hot drinks.

We made our way from the private rooms that could be rented, past this beautiful desk,...

and into the coffee drinking part of the establishment. David decided to try the chocolate which was the most amazing hot chocolate I have ever had. I would have stocked up on it if it hadn't of been $35 per kit!

My first visit I chose tea.

Here's a view of the room:

And the tea:

Outside in the street there was a patriot addressing the crowd:

I loved visiting the milliners where there were dresses,

a few hats,

and two tailors perched on a table (traditional way to sew). They reminded me of the "Tale of Gloucester"! I think I should try sitting on a table next time I sew!

We had to visit the book binder since we all love books. This man gets to work with leather, marbleized paper, glues, paints, and thread.

Definitely a shop I enjoyed!

The kids had to try the stocks:

This was the Foundry:

and the gunsmith, who was working on the barrel of a new gun:

Outside there was a garden which seemed to be growing beautiful veggies for the end of October:

Another lovely home in the area:

We were recommended to try the ginger cookies that are for sale in the bakery. They are delicious (when fresh). We highly recommend them too!

One more glimpse from the milliners:

That evening Michael and I went back to Williamsburg to Bruton Parish Church for a free organ and harpsichord concert. The church holds these concerts all throughout the year. What a treat!

The pews in the church have been marked with names of famous patriots who worshipped in the church while in Williamsburg on business. Quite an historic place!

And that was it for Tuesday!


Anonymous said...

Wow - so much to take in. I wonder what those hoop things are above the row of dresses in the milliner's shop? Also, I forgot to say re. Day 3, I like the red-checked gaiters that the Scottish types were wearing!

reader19 said...

what a great trip! Thanks for sharing some of the sights with us, so we can visit in our imagination! Missing you!