Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Color Change

I've been wondering about colors on my blog. I chose the black originally so the photos would stand out, but was wondering if that was too harsh on the eyes. So, I switched to green, but now am wondering if that is too bright on the eyes. :) Maybe my dear artist readers can help me out -- what color is good for the photos?


Heather Anne said...

I would never object to green - and with blue it reminds me of April and May - lush green grass and blues skies!

Jessica said...

myself, i like neutrals for shocasing photos.. kind of like a matte in a frame. maybe if you were to put colors around the outside in the frames and a neutral in the ctr? you can master html while in bed ; )

Unknown said...

I think the green is very restful and doesn't detract attention from your beautiful pictures at all. I really, really enjoyed reading through your blog, Heather -- had not done so in a long time -- and found it most refreshing! Thank you!