Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Fall Has Arrived!

The winds of Fall have blown in and with them came a very unexpected delivery -- 36 mini roses to our doorstep!Friends from church had ordered flowers for me to help cheer me up and bring a bit of Autumn beauty to our home.
There were two bunches of flowers expertly packed with florist foam at the bottom keeping the stems hydrated.
Here they are in the vase that came inside the box. They've opened up just a bit since I took these pictures.
I am captivated by the speckled roses -- I've never seen them before and they are just gorgeous in real life!

I must say I was so blessed by these lovely flowers and the sweet thoughts from our friends. I can count on one hand how many times I've received flowers delivered, so this was a big deal. (Lest you think poorly of my husband, he is very thoughtful and likes to bring me flowers when possible -- in Scotland flowers were cheap and easily accessible, so Michael brought them home a lot. We just have not indulged much in "delivery")

I have this memory as a young child of about 6 of my Uncle Bill sending me flowers for my birthday -- all done up in an arrangement and delivered by the local florist. I suddenly remembered that today and thought how nice a thing that was to do. Think how grown up and important that made me feel!

Now, I shall have to save my next post for tomorrow, or whenever I feel up to it. I'm anxious to create a post all about the various books I've been reading....

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