Thursday, October 25, 2007


A friend brought us an IKEA catalog today! We don't have an IKEA near to us, but a friend away at college is close to a store and we might just be able to convince her to pick something up for us sometime.

The catalog brings back so many memories. When we lived in Scotland, we got a number of things from IKEA for our little house. The best memory is of us travelling to IKEA by public transport.

We didn't have a vehicle of our own in Scotland, so we learned to get places by various means. One Bank Holiday we decided to head for IKEA. We set out on foot from our house and walked about half a mile to the train station. There we boarded a train for Glasgow. Once in Glasgow, we walked part way across town to the banks of the Clyde river. There we got on to a boat taxi that took us about 45 minutes up the Clyde to the Braehead shopping area. Leaving the boat, we manoeuvred our way across several large carparks to the entrance of IKEA. We made it!!! And, we even randomly met some friends there from our little town.

After our enjoyable walk round IKEA, and a cup of tea in their restaurant, we started the long journey back by foot, boat, train, and foot once more. It was definately a fun day out. I think staying home and shopping by catalog will be a lot easier this time around. :)


Lady of the house said...

What a romantic way to travel to IKEA!

SueJ said...

Visiting IKEA for us involves a cross Leeds haul & has to be planned with care (avoiding Saturday & Sunday afternoons at all cost!)
Thank you for you lovely posts on my blog. I have just had a read back through your blog -I really hope your 'bed days' are numbered & that you are regaining your health. It must be difficult with three lovely & clearly very lively children! You have some beautiful pictures in your blog. I am going to guess that you are somewhere in NE USA????

Heather Anne said...

Have fun armchair shopping! I used to love to visit IKEA in Scarborough when I lived in Ontario. It was always a surprise to see how Scandinavian inginuity could make something ordinary extraordinarily useful. I loved their 'scratch' and dent area and often shopped the sales for my dorm room decor and for wedding fits. Thanks for bringing back happy memories! Swedish for common sense!