Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas in Color

We had a lovely Christmas as a family and extended family. Christmas seems ages ago now, a happy memory before the storm of the stomach flu hit not only our house, but the whole extended family!

We enjoyed breakfast here at home before heading to Christina and JK's for the day. The theme of the kids' presents this year was "dress up clothes". Here are the first outfits of the day:

Rachel received a bunch of new clothes for her doll. Here is Rachel in her Christmas finery -- she spent the rest of the day dressed up in new outfits.

A happy Daddy
James enjoys the Christmas bread
The boys got cowboy outfits to dress up in -- they LOVED them! Jamsie-Pie, looking very adorable as a cowboy
Grandma enjoys the present-opening
Our lovely hosts
My new bag, which I'm very excited about!
Rachel is thoroughly enjoying her new ballerina outift

Christina made us two beautiful meals. Here is a picture of the evening meal:

Grandpa enjoys reading to David
Grandma helps David with his new toys
Lovely decorations
The parents :)
Grandma and Auntie Em

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