Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Turning 21

Yesterday, my youngest sister, Emily, turned 21!!!! Christina and I were remembering the day she was born, and how absolutely thrilled we were to have a baby sister! In our eyes, Em was the perfect little sister, and over the years she has only become more dear.

I can remember the year I was couch-ridden in Scotland and the time stretched on endlessly. One day Em called and the idea came up for her to come help for the summer. That hope of her coming, and then the wonderful 7 weeks she was with us, was a special gift from God in the midst of hard times.

And then when Em moved in with us this summer we had no idea how much we would come to rely on all of her help during my illness -- her cooking, taking care of the children, food shopping, running errands, etc. This was another of God's providences.

Aside from helping in desperate situations, Em is such a joy to have around. We've often talked about starting laughing classes, since this is one thing we enjoy doing together.

Em has been a model of diligence in her schoolwork, and we are so proud of her for the way she has worked hard and won scholarships to put herself through school, not to mention making the Top 100 student list.

Last night all the family got together for a special dinner out in honor of Em.

We love you Em! You were the answer to the prayers of two little girls hoping for a baby, and we had no idea how much we would be blessed through you!


Monica said...

Happy Birthday, Emily!! I'm so glad that you two have eachother.

Alaina said...

Happy Birthday, Em! We are so happy you are around, too!

Unknown said...

I think we needed Emily to be twins, H -- she's just the best and sometimes it is hard to share the baby in the family! =) Seriously, you both are the best and I'm blessed to be smack in the middle of the two of you! Love you both!