Thursday, December 20, 2007

Out in the Post

One of my favorite things is a big stack of cards and letters ready to head for the mailbox. I've always loved writing letters since I was a child, and sending out Christmas cards or newsletters is part of the fun.

This year we actually didn't really send out cards, except to those without email addresses or overseas (so don't be offended if you don't receive something in your mailbox). Thanks to my mom's help, I was able to get the last of the letters out on Tuesday (the last, that is, until I remember someone else!).


Anonymous said...

I agree that writing letters is wonderful. There is something permanent and personal about it. Perhaps it is also the feeling that I might be a character in a book, or someone many years from now will find my letter and think "OH, so that's how it was in the olden days."
I always love a letter from you! The blog is a great idea.

Victoria May Plum said...

What adorable envelopes, they look like they have been written by Sant himself!

I love to receive a handwritten letter or card in the post at this time of year.

Victoria x