Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Food, Shopping, and Nigella

For once I'm going to just blog -- no pictures, nothing very exciting, just thoughts. :)

I've been reading Nigella Lawson's most recent book "Nigella Express." As with the rest of Nigella's writing, it did not fail to make me hungry and desirous of a trip to the supermarket.

Nigella has always intrigued me. Here is someone vastly popular in the foodie world, and yet she isn't a trained chef, nor is she exceptionally talented as a cook. I've spent a number of years just observing her, reading her books, and trying to figure her out.

I think Nigella's secret to success involves several things, but for one, she LOVES food! And, she can write about food in a way that makes your mouth water, your eyes visualize, and your nose twitch with excitement.

I could go on with more observations and deducements, but not now. And I don't really want to bereate Nigella. After all, she's proof that anyone that really loves food and is able to write, can make a name in the food world (okay, so she does have connections, and good looks, and that definately helps). Nigella never fails to inspire me.

All that to say, I was reading Nigella this weekend...... I felt I just had to go to the store on Monday to feast my eyes on ingredients and let myself get inspired to cook something good! It was very exciting just to be able to go up and down the aisles and look to see what was available, making mental notes of things I could put on future shopping lists. I came home with some fun ingredients -- limes, cilantro, pesto, red onions, frozen okra -- and my "shopping desire" satiated for awhile. (It's slightly dissappointing to realize that Nigella's food budget is unlimited compared to one's own.)

As for the book itself (Nigella Express), it felt strangely as if it itself had been "expressed" through the production line. Nigella's writing was choppy and convaluted, as if she had put her thoughts down on paper and never gone back to read through and smooth them over.

However, Nigella wins some points with this book that none of her other books are eligible for. This is the first book of Nigella's that can be rated G for General Audience! I have no idea what made the difference, or why there was a change, but I was delighted to see that Nigella left out all the unnecessary "gastro-p*rn" in this book! Way to go Nigella!!! And the book is not lacking in any way because of it. Long may this continue!

Just a few thoughts.......


Alaina said...

Interesting review. I've not read her books - I've seen her show once and wasn't overly impressed. I'll have to check out one of her books!

I love wandering the grocery store (or even better, the summer farmer's markets!) in search of good ingredients and inspiration.

Anonymous said...

Ken bought me one of her cookbooks years ago. I think she has an interesting take on cooking and eating. You can tell she loves to do both! But, she is far from my favorite "chef" to watch or read.