Friday, February 15, 2008

Valentine's Week in Pictures

This past week seems to have been very full of Valentine celebrations of one sort or another. I think we are well-steeped in festivities and perhaps a few weeks of quietness may be in order.

We began the week with a Valentine Tea with Auntie C. Rachel made the cake:

There were plenty of valentines to go around:

And a lovely hand-stitched table cloth from my Grandmother to brighten the table:

The next day the children attended a Valentine party filled with fun "themed" activities

The table filled with 14 children was quite a sight!

There were shapes and stickers to decorate bags:

And sweet nothings of every color to sprinkle on cookies:

There were even little heart pizzas to fill the hungry tummies:

And very tempting cupcakes alongside irresistable finger jello:

David wasn't quite sure what to think, but managed to enjoy his food:

What a delightful surprise to have dear Aunt Em get up early to make us heart-shaped french toast, bacon and strawberries for a Valentine breakfast!

"Hmmmm..... what do you think? Should I try this strange looking food?"

"I must go for the best part first -- the middle"

And now, I think we will head back down to real life and a regular little routine. Of course this year, Easter is just around the corner!


Monica said...

What fun! Love the pictures. And Rachel's cake is impressive- tell her she did a great job!

Heather Anne said...

Oh! It looks like you all had a delightful time - what fun! I'm sure your children are well 'sugared up' and will be happy to settle back to the satisfying routine of home! As you say, Easter is coming quickly - and that means more chocolate!

Darcy said...

How much fun for the kids to go such a great party!! Looks like it was a ton of fun!