Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Waiting.....for Spring

I think we are all ready for Spring to begin appearing, and then for the full serge of Spring to burst forth in flowers, trees, bushes, and green grass. It seems to be taking awhile this year.

Perhaps the days are seeming more drab just now because we are fighting several rounds of colds at our house. It's no fun when they seem to drag on and never go away.

I suppose that's why there has been nothing very significant to blog about recently. Oh well. Time will change all that, I suppose.

Michael will be away for the next few days so hopefully by the time he returns we'll be heading back into good health. (And I must mention -- Michael is off to Florida for business! Definately a wise decision! Maybe I can convince him to bring Spring back with him.)


Unknown said...

I have some hyacinths blooming on my kitchen table. However, they are surrounded by three windows that look out on snow, snow, snow. It's an odd contrast. I'm really ready for spring.

Lovella ♥ said...

Heather, oh the daffodils are so pretty. I just love watching them brave the chilly air and tentatively opening up.

Oh I do also really appreciate the one etiquette comment that we didn't think to address. The blog awards. I so agree with you on that one. I never put mine up either. I just feel bad of wondering who to give it to. Thank you so much.