Saturday, March 23, 2013

The Tea Trolley

Another week and another round of tea memories from our daily life. 

Last Friday we studied S is for Shortbread (in our Scotland studies). I thought it was appropriate to make the kids tea and shortbread and have a little school snack. They all loved it!

Friends were here for tea on Friday afternoon. I made my favorite gluten free scone recipe and used lemon zest and dried blueberries. YUM!!! I also took apple slices and covered them in natural almond butter and decorated them with dried fruits. This is a good idea if you need a sugar-free snack!

My daffodil tea cozy had its official debut on the tea trolley!

Wednesday was the first day of spring! In our family that means spring tea. It wasn't great for our schedule, and I evaluated my options -- was this a year to throw tradition to the wind, or a year to put in a little effort and keep to tradition. You can see what I finally decided. We enjoyed our Gold Rush Tea and Twining Rose.

We got Grandma to join us:

Laura loved it! She drank cup after cup of tea. We broke into the beautiful jams and jellies that my friend Heather had given me on Monday. Such a treat!

Andrew even agreed to take a few sips of tea (our only non-tea drinker).

Teacups leftover from St. Patrick's day.

I hear we are supposed to get a snowstorm this weekend! I guess we'll be drinking even more tea!

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Everydaythings said...

your tea table is just beautiful and youre giving your children such a beautiful family tradition too. BTW LOVE that crochet too!

Everydaythings said...

heather... just began a more than 7 yr UFo or is it wip? anyway doing an embroidery for a tera trolley after ebing inspired by your lovely embroideries here! will show on my blog soon!

Christine Laennec said...

What a gorgeous spring-time tea cosy, and the embroidered cloth is also very beautiful. I think it's a great family tradition you have! Happy spring, and I hope the snow hasn't been as bad as forecast.