Saturday, April 6, 2013

The Tea Trolley

It is always fun to look back over the pictures of the week and look at my life in tea. It's funny how this little ritual is a thread that runs through my life. It certainly is a part of our family (immediate and extended) culture.

Spring break is just about over. I was so thankful to accomplish a number of important goals, spend some time thinking and evaluating, and feel excited to enter the home stretch of our school year. That does not mean I did not find myself plagued daily with thoughts of how imperfectly I homeschool, keep house, manage my schedule, etc.! One has to try to look at the good side!

Here is one of my "restorative teas" -- I think I managed maybe two this week -- or perhaps it was only one. I had intended to have one everyday.......

Here is the tea tray my friend prepared for me as we sat down together to watch the next video in our Bible study series. Oh the feeling of being pampered that comes when someone puts together something like this for you!

In honor of spring break I purchased a bunch of fresh mint at the grocery store this week. Nothing says summer like hot black tea steeped with fresh mint leaves and I thought such things might add to spring break!

Evening tea with a friend provided opportunity to beginning sampling teas for our next tea co-op purchase. We tried African Summer Herbal and Three Berry Tea.

A lovely surprise for this week was a bag Michael brought home from prayer meeting with these teas inside! A friend had unexpectedly purchased for me two types of Teavana tea! I sure felt special and had so much fun trying these out this week!!!

Of course the biggest tea of the week was our Easter celebration at my sister's house on Sunday. Here is the children's table:

And the adult table:

Laura and John enjoy the egg hunt:

Two new cozies make their debut on the dessert table -- Christina finished her pink and yellow vintage cozy and I surprised Christina with a present of another daffodil cozy.

There was cheesecake for dessert accompanied by three kinds of creamcheese Easter eggs and two kinds of cupcakes!

Hot drinks always promote good fellowship!

I can't resist ending this post with a funny picture of the kids from Easter.

I've been working hard all morning on housework and looking forward to making some tea sometime this afternoon! I hope your weekend includes a little bit of refreshment along the way!

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Ann Kroeker said...

You said you were glad to look back at "my life in tea." I love that. "My life in tea." I might write a post with that them, including a happy hat-tip to you! :)

My life in tea this week has been the comfort it has given us during a heavy time of loss, as a friend of ours lost their son two Fridays ago. We are grieving, and sometimes a warm cup of tea provided some tangible comfort.

Your table settings are so beautiful, they inspire me to do more, to add more beauty, color, and light to our heavy days.

Anonymous said...

Tea is the ultimate comforter in our house (for adults).

What lovely get-togethers you've had, and beautiful tables.

Everydaythings said...

Heather youre tables and get togethers are lovely, and I really enjoy seeing the tables set so beautifully and the yummy eats on them! hope you had a lovely easter?

Lovella ♥ said...

Oh Heather...all your tea trolleys are ever so inviting. I wish I could sit and have tea with you and learn from you. You are so young but see through such wise eyes.

Jessica said...

The peeps skewers are a crack up! E would love that. We have been recovering from stomach bugs galore but tea has kept me sane and gotten some fluids into my boy. Love the pictures. Now I just have to remember to take pictures when I have tea so I can link up! -Jess