Saturday, April 20, 2013

The Tea Trolley

The trolley has had a very busy week indeed! What did I do before I had her??? 

Last Friday found us having an impromptu family tea with my mom and sister.

It's so hard to get schedules to align that this doesn't happen often! Drinking tea, catching up on life, and working with wool -- it doesn't get much better than this! I was certainly counting my blessings!

But the next morning found us at the soccer fields in terribly windy, cold weather. I had no idea! Fortunately, my mom was there to help me out and we did several runs home and at one point mom brought back reinforcements in the form of wool blankets and hot tea. Much needed!

Imagine my relief that soccer was cancelled this week since I would be on my own with five kids and the predicted weather was in the 40's. I didn't think I could stand it!

I was still suffering the affects of the cold morning late last Saturday afternoon and so made up a "restorative tea" before heading into the rest of my tasks.

 The biggest treat of last weekend was going out to lunch with my mom - -just the two of us! Has this ever happened in the last 7 years? I can't remember if it has! Life revolves around our busy family life and of course the kids love to see Grandma. Another moment for me to treasure in this uncertain life....

Sunday found the kettle busy with Prickly Cactus Black Tea (which a friend and reader of this blog so kindly sent me!) and Earl Grey. It accompanied a brunch that a friend and I put together -- we had an oatmeal bar which included Irish Oats soaked overnight and cooked to their silky perfection, maple sugar, pecans, chopped fruit, and honey. We also had a baked ham and mini egg quiches which are out of this world, accompanied by a strawberry goat cheese salad and fresh asparagus as well as beautiful chive and cheddars scones (not pictured).

Monday the neighbor ladies and children gathered to celebrate an important birthday. I made this chocolate cake for the birthday girl -- Hershey's chocolate cake filled with Nutella and topped with dark chocolate frosting -- too bad it wasn't gluten free!

Wednesday we had the final Writing Class of the year and it was the traditional "Author's Tea" complete with hot tea, juice, fruit and snacks. Each student read one or two pieces of their writing. Rachel and Andrew have done so well in this class and you have to imagine my happiness at being able to send them to "someone else" to have writing taught.

It was a treat to be served tea by a friend one evening this week. Four of the children were with me and they were delighted to find these treats. I'm afraid they devoured two complete trays like this!

 Meanwhile, my friend and I sipped Rooibos Chocolate Chai.

The next day I served my favorite Roasted Sweet Potato Salad for lunch when a friend arrived and we drank Earl Grey with it.

I couldn't decide what to make for friends arriving for afternoon tea on Friday so finally settled on Portuguese Cheese Puffs. They are so simple (3 ingredients) and they have no sugar. It turned out to be a good decision. You must try them! (Plus, I loved the fact that we had spent the morning learning all about Portuguese explorations and navigation.)

And by now you all are thinking that my life this week has been one big, happy pot of tea! That's because blogs by nature do not give one a rounded view of a person's life! Stop by for tea in person and that's where we can get down to the nitty grittys of real life. But you know, I do think we are meant to steep as much joy out of life as is possible.  This fortifies us for the difficulties and necessary evils of the other moments.

May you all enjoy something lovely this weekend!

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Unknown said...

This post makes me SO happy!! Just love all the yummy treats and I love the "from above" angle of you shots! :)

Heather Anne said...

What a lovely week of all things tea! I'm so glad you were able to take bits and pieces of time out her and there from the craziness of life, ministry and homeschooling for the simple joy of sitting down for a hot cuppa with the ones you love!

Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

It all looks yummy and lovely.

The sight of you at the soccer game took me back when Christopher played soccer in kindergarten and first grade.

It was SO cold and wet that final spring he played that we both decided he'd try another sport.

puttermuch said...

I love all of your posts but my favorite are the "tea trolley" posts. They always make me smile. There are plenty of bumps in our roads...but when the path is smooth, why not enjoy it? Have a great week and thank you for sharing :)