Friday, April 12, 2013

The Tea Trolley

Here are two tea buddies enjoying some morning tea together. The kids really appreciate it when I make a pot of tea and bring it up for drinking while we are reading history together. Maybe I should make it into a habit. I am always looking for ways to better nurture them and little things like this do make a difference.

I finally broke open this adorable jar of "tea honey" a friend brought me from the south. It's perfect for setting out on the trolley and maybe once it is empty I will just refill it with regular honey.

Saturday we had friends from afar stop in for afternoon tea on their way someplace else. I was so thankful that I still had a few things in the depths of my freezer -- gluten free mince pies from Christmas, scones from the last shower, and cranberry orange eggs from Easter. Thus we were able to spoil ourselves with a lovely afternoon tea, reminiscent of times in Scotland which both we and our friends have enjoyed, though at separate times.

A little trolley diversion here, I must share this photo of the venison stew I made yesterday. I think it is the most delicious thing I have made in such a long time, and certainly is the most delicious venison I have ever had! No doubt this is not due to my cooking but probably mostly due to the fact that this deer must have been butchered properly. I used Emeril's Venison Stew recipe and I think I might just try this for a beef stew recipe next time I need one. 

And here is the tea from Bible study yesterday. When we get together there are at least three nationalities present, many times four. I love how varied and interesting the food becomes. Yesterday we were mostly enjoying Philipino treats such as the purple rice cake, creamy fruit salad, and caramelized bananas. 

And now I must get to work planning the weekend and finding the necessary recipes for Sunday's lunch.

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Heather Anne said...

I love your sweet tea buddies! So fun! You are building such great memories into your homeschool days ... and I think tea and history just go hand in hand!