Saturday, July 19, 2008

10 Things I'm Loving Just Now

1. James' Fashion Sense -- James makes us smile with his wonderful outfits and accesories. We try to imagine just what he's going to be like when he's older. :)

2. My New Centerpiece -- a friend gave me these beautiful doilies and I think they are so pretty! They are done on a ecru linen with different colored embroidery. They look adorable with my two new violets.

3. The Pool -- It is so nice to be able to take the children to the pool on a regular basis. Rachel has taught herself to swim and they all enjoy the chance to play with other children.

4. Farmer's Market Produce -- I had so much fun this past week using my purchases from the farmer's market. We had zucchini in stirfry, tomatoes with cream and salt and pepper, eggplant pizzas (which were incredible inside a sandwich), and steamed green beans.

5. The Doctrine of God's Sovereignty -- which can be summed up in these verses from Romans 8:28,29: "And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his be conformed to the image of his Son..."

6. The Children's Craft Creations -- Rachel and Andrew are so busy braiding and crocheting these days. Every now and then they emerge from their work area with new jewelry for Mommy to wear!

7. James and David Playing -- It's really so fun to see David old enough to properly play with the other kids, and it's especially fun to see James and David playing together on their own.

8. My New Allergy Medication -- I'm finally symptom free since going on to Zyrtec!

9. My New Napkins -- After sitting in the project pile for 1 1/2 years, I finally sat down and finished off these napkins, which definately say "summer" to me!

10. Picking Our Own Tomatoes -- our little cherry tomatoes are finally ripening and we've picked about 8 so far. The first few were each cut into 4 pieces to enable everyone to have a taste. :)
I hope you too are enjoying many wonderful things this summer!


Unknown said...

Isn't it nice to enjoy each moment! Mom's quote is so perfect for this post --"These are the best days of our life!"

SueJ said...

.....hmm summer...what's that? A belated happy anniversary!

willow said...

I'm catching up on my blog reading. It looks like you are all enjoying your summer.
Thanks for the explanation about the black raspberries - I was one of the people who didn't know what you were talking about!
Also thanks for mentioning my blog a few posts back. I have enjoyed catching up with your activities over the last two weeks. Belated happy anniversary too.

Thoughts on Life and Millinery. said...

Boys in hat are cute. Men in hats (not baseball caps)are handsome and make us women feel more feminine. Keep that boy hat happy for the sake of the upcoming generations of girls!